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Abiraterone Acetate 250mg Tablets Price India

  • Manufacturer JANSSEN
  • Product Code: Abiraterone 250mg Tablets

International Brand Name: Zytiga by Janssen 

Active Ingredient: Abiraterone Acetate, AA 250mg 

Strength: 250 mg 

Form: tablets 

Packing: Pack of 120 Tablets 

Generics: Xbira by Cipla, Abirapro by Glenmark,
                BDRON by BDR Pharmaceuticals 
                Samtica by Samarth Lifesciences,
                Abretone by Cadila Pharmaceuticals etc

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Before to explain what Abiraterone acetate tablets are and for what they used for, let's understand about Abiraterone 250mg also known as AA 250mg. Abiraterone acetate first launched by Janssen Cilag SPA in Italy and imported to India & marketed by Johnson & Johnson. When Janssen has Release the patent many other companies launched their brands under the same composition Abiraterone and strength 250mg, even the packaging size is similar too ie, 120 tablets that work by reducing androgen production in the body, androgens are male hormones that can promote tumor growth in the Prostate gland. Generic Abiraterone 250mg is used together with a steroid medication to treat prostate cancer that has spread other parts of the body.

Some other most known Zytiga generic brands that have been launched by Indian companies:-

1. Xbira 250mg Tablets & Zecyte 250mg Tablets by Cipla

2. Abirapro 250mg Tablets by Glenmark

3. BDRON 250mg Tablets by BDR International Pharmaceuticals

4. Samtica 250mg Tablets by Samarth Lifesciences

5. Zelgor 250mg Tablets by Sun Pharmaceuticals

6. Zybiraa 250mg Tablets by Zydus India

7. Abretone 250mg Tablets by Cadila Pharmaceuticals

And many more...

Side Effects of taking Abiraterone 250mg Tablets:

Some more common side effects of this drug are:

Pain in bladder, Swelling in face, hands, and legs

2. Blood in urine, Bone fracture, Blurred vision

3. Chest pain, Decreased urine, Difficult to urine or pain when urinating. 

4. Dizziness, Dry mouth, Fainting, Headache, 

5. Weight gain rapidly, Swelling, Redness in the face, neck arms, and chest

6. Slow heartbeat, Sudden sweating, Unusual tiredness or weakness 

7. Unusual weight loss or gain, Pounding in the ears

Less common side effects:

Arm, back or jaw pain, 

2. sweaty skin, dark urine, 

3. fever, headache, itching skin, 

Dark rashes, sweating, body pain, 

5. weakness, irregular breathing

Rare Side Effects:       


2. Darkening of the skin 

Mental depression

Precautions need to be taken while taking Indian Zytiga 250mg Tablets:-

Precautions always protect you from the side effect worsen cases, always be aware of the precautions so that you have fewer side effects or no side effects. Depends on person to person health conditions also, some of the precautions are here.   

1. Any type of allergy or abnormal condition you feel after using this drug consult the doctor immediately.

2. If you have any type of medical history consults the doctor, especially about heart problems, high blood pressure, and liver problems surgery or treatment.

3. In case of pregnancy consult the doctor and stop the dose immediately.

4. In breasts feeding case also consult the doctor first before breasts feeding.

5. Before having any type of surgery, if you are on this drug tells your doctor about this first. In case of overdose condition, never overdose this drug, if you miss the drug skip that drug and take the next drug on time. You by mistaken overdose it calls your doctor and asks for precautions about this condition.

How to Take this drug:-

Read how to use part on tablet pack written, also consult the doctor about the dose after seeing your reports doctor recommend proper dose for this. As per in usual terms take this drug by mouth on an empty stomach one tablet in a day.


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Abiraterone Acetate 250mg Tablets Price India


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