Natco introduces Indian Eribulin Mesylate Injection under the Trade name Ebunat 0.5mg

Eribulin injection is now availble at wholesale and much lower price as Natco has lauched Ebunat Injection in India after approval of Halaven manufacturers and now breast cancer medicine is available at your doorsteps at discounted price with worldwide shipping guarantee.

Natco recently launched (E7389) Eribulin 0.5mg Injection (Ebunat Injection) and EISAI Halaven 0.44mg/mL Injection

Natco has become a pre-eminent organization in terms of launching new generics alternatives and introducing to the rest of the world that how with the same composition, same quality and with the same strength a medicine can be sold out at the very lower price and with regards to the same Natco Pharma Limited has filed trademark for drug name Ebunat on 24th June 2019 and launched the same medicine containing Eribulin Mesylate 0.5mg/mL under their own trade name Ebunat 0.5 mg Injection which is a substitute and generic version of Halaven 0.44mg/mL Injection used to be sold and marketed by EISAI Co., Ltd. a Pharmaceutical manufacturing and trading company based in Japan.

Halaven 0.44mg/mL Injection – an injectable medicine used to treat certain patients with metastatic breast cancer (mBC) and liposarcoma. EISAI Eribulin 0.88mg Injection is also known as E7389 and ER-086526, and also carries the US NCI designation NSC-707389.

Halaven Eribulin Injection use to imported and marketed in India by Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd. (EIL) and Indian patients could buy this injection here at a maximum retail price of INR 31000/- which is a high price for many patients and people in India.

EISAI Co., Ltd. has released the patent of drug Eribulin Mesylate to Natco Pharma Limited an Indian based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing organization helping patients in getting these exclusive and expensive drugs at a very lower and competitive price with the same quality in India. Just like other generic cancer medicines, Ebunat 0.5mg Injection is now available in Market with Natco registered suppliers or dealers like MedsDots.Net: True Indian Pharmacy of Imported and Indian Cancer medicines.

With the help and support of Indian Pharmaceutical Exporters and Suppliers now patients and people who are buying for a patient can get Ebunat 0.5mg Eribulin Injection at their doorsteps at not more than a maximum retail price of INR 19600/- whether they are in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, USA, UAE, Ukraine, UK, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, Taiwan, Yemen, Fiji, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Lebanon, Thailand, Belarus, Latvia, Cambodia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and several other countries across the globe.

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