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We at MedsDots.Net True Indian Pharmacy is pleased to announce newly launched drug IBRUNAT 140mg Capsules authentically and rightfully manufactured by Natco Pharma Limited (pharmaceutical company located in Hyderabad, India) containing a paragraph IV certification with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for generic version of Ibrutinib Tablets of 140mg, 280mg, 420mg, and 560mg strength, proposed generic equivalents to Imbruvica® Tablets which is made in U.S.A & The patent for the drug is held by Pharmacyclics for three to four more years in India.

NATCO PHARMA and its co-development & marketing partner, Alvogen Pine Brook LLC, USA, trust that the ANDA is possibly sole first-to-file based on the ANDA filing dates. NATCO further believed that their ANDA may be eligible for 180 days of marketing exclusivity at the time of potential launch of the product under certain circumstances and they finally have introduced Ibrunat 140mg Capsules in India under single strength for now & packaging size of 30 capsules.

As introduces above, Trade brand Imbruvica® is owned and marketed by Pharmacyclics LLC and Janssen Biotech, Inc. Imbruvica 140mg Capsules had U.S. Sales of approximately US$ 2.6 Billion for twelve months ending September 2018, according to data from IQVIA. As per the last tracked prescription sales, almost 83% of the sales contribution has come from the above-mentioned tablet dosage forms.

Natco Pharma NSE -1.21 % has launched a cut-price generic version of Imbruvica Ibrutinib Capsules, an anti-cancer drug, under its own brand name Ibrunat 140mg Capsules. In India, the marketing right for Imbruvica Ibrutinib Capsules is held by Johnson & Johnson. Ibrutinib is used to treat patients with leukemia and similar other indications of cancer.

Sources say that Pharmacyclics had filed for an injunction petition in Delhi High Court but no clear decision was handed out. Natco was directed to maintain data for its inventory and stocks sold.

Natco’s latest move is consistent with its earlier launches and challenging the patents held on oncology medicines by multinational drug companies. In July’19, the Delhi High Court had dismissed an injunction plea by Bayer to halt Natco from selling copies of its brand of regorafenib. Bayer’s products in three versions, marketed since 2013 in India, were priced at INR 36000 to INR40000 per bottle of 28 tablets, while Natco’s product was made available at INR9000 per bottle.

Same with Ibrunat Capsules, Natco has launched the Ibrutinib 140mg Capsules, not more than USD 135 for each bottle of 30 Capsules. This competitive & fair priced drug is going to be available now for all citizens of India easily with MedsDots True Indian Pharmacy supplying genuine and real medicines only.

Source: Google, Internet, Economic Times

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