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sorafenib 200mg brands available in india

  • Manufacturer BAYER
  • Product Code: Sorafenib Brands in India

International Brand Name: Nexavar 200mg
Active Ingredients: Sorafenib Tosylate 200mg
Manufactured by: Bayer Pharma AG
Strength: 200mg
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 60 Tablets Made in: Germany Generics Available: Sorafenat by Natco, Soranib by Cipla, Orib by Hetero, Shifenib by Shilpa, Hepanib by Everest

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sorafenib 200mg- treatment for liver, kidney, and thyroid cancer

cancer is one of the deadly diseases that humankind is facing for a longer period of time. the disease occurs in various stages, and the treatment to these stages is chemotherapy earlier. but with the advancement in time and technology, many medicines are now formed which can help in successful curing of many types of cancer in human and eliminating the needs of painful chemotherapy. one such medicine is sorafenib 200mg tablets. 

about sorafenib 200mg tablets

sorafenib 200mg tablets are manufactured by bayer pharma ag in germany. the medicine is branded by the name of nexavar 200mg tablets, and the name of salt is sorafenib tosylate which is available in 200 mg of the amount in the medicine. the working of this salt is to stop the growth of cancer-causing cells, also known as carcinogens. these medicines are tyrosine kinase inhibitor which is present at the epithelial surface of the cancer-causing cells which are growing. 

as we take medicine and salt gets dissolved in the body, then the salt starts scattering in the targeted body parts and starts search for the cells having tyrosine kinase. it gets attached to the cells and stops their growth action, which indirectly stops the cell growth, and no tumor will form that causes cancer.

the sorafenib 200mg tablets are used for the treatment of 3 basic types of cancer known as liver, kidney, and thyroid cancer which is very prevalent in common people. 

how to consume indian nexavar 200mg tablets?

for consumption of this medicine, the first task that is required to be performed is consulting your doctor in detail about the issues that you are facing. according to that doctor will prescribe you the test and know your situation in detail. according to that, they will fix a dosage for you. the dosage should be taken at the time at which the doctor prescribes you as they calculate the proper timing of the medicine so that salt doesn't overdose in the body. 

it would be better if you set some reminders for your medicine. one should take medicine with a glass full of water, and one should never chew the medicine as it decreases the efficiency of the tablet. 

missed and overdose

in any case, the dose of a person is missed, then they should consult the doctor and ask them that whether it will affect their treatment process or not. take medicine or pass on this dose according to what the doctor prescribes you. on the other hand, if a person overdoses with the medicine, then they should keep in mind that they should note the side effects. if they don't occur, then it is fine, but in the case the body starts reacting to it, then they should call their physician for help. 

side effects of sorafenib 200mg tablets

there are some side effects associated with the medicine, which are described below.

this medicine always raises the blood pressure of a person. 

weight loss is often noticed in the person consuming the tablet. 

one can notice vomiting and nausea continuously after consumption of this medicine. 

loss of hair is seen by the patient. 

the skin of a person rises up with soaring mucous, and tiredness is also common. 

skin reaction in feet and hands may develop sometimes. 

sometimes rare rashes also start appearing on the body. 

in case any side effect you face due to sorafenib 200mg tablets starts getting out of control, a person should contact their physician. they will help you out with a way to get rid of these side effects.

precautions to be followed

some precautions that are laid by the manufacturer natco pharma for the consumption of this medicine are:-

always communicate your medical history to your physician, who is going to prescribe you the medicine. 

those who have surgeries in the past or are suffering from heart disease should not consume this medicine. 

heartbeat elongation can occur; that is why people only with a normal heart condition should take this medicine. 

one should give sorafenib 200mg tablets medication if they are pregnant or breastfeeding as this medicine can affect the unborn baby. 

alcohol consumption can be harmful with this medicine. that is why one needs to give up on consumption as soon as their medication starts.

how to find indian sorafenib 200mg tablets?

the best way out through which a patient can find indian sorafenib 200mg tablets is an mode of shopping through medsdots true indian pharmacy providing generic brands of indian nexavar 200mg tablets such as sorafenat 200mg tablets by natco pharma india, soranib 200mg tablets by cipla limited, orib 200mg by hetero labs, shilfenib tablets by shilpa therapeutics etc. they are leading medicine sellers who are licensed to sell medicine in the country and also export them to several nations like south korea, saudi arabia, philippines, taiwan, usa, hong kong, russia, australia, latvia, belarus, singapore, ukraine, new zealand, vietnam, cambodia, kenya, fiji, laos, zimbabwe, egypt, yemen, oman, poland, new zealand, uae, uk, peru, ecuador, hungary, luxembourg, etc. we at medsdots: true indian pharmacy will provide you the best price, which will be unbeatable by any as well as offline store. so get in touch with us via whatsapp/viber/telegram: +919953810074, wechat: medsdots, mail: or

sorafenib 200mg brands available in india


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