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lenvima 4mg lenvatinib capsules eisai

  • Manufacturer EISAI
  • Product Code: Lenvima 4mg Capsules

Brand Name: Lenvima
Active Ingredient: Lenvatinib
Manufactured by: Patheon Inc. for EISAI Co., Ltd.
Marketed and Imported by: EISAI Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd.
Strength: 4mg
Form: Capsules
Packing: Pack of 20 Capsules
Country of Origin: Canada

Tags: lenvima 4mg, cancer drugs, indian lenvatinib 4mg, lenvima 10mg

what is lenvima 4mg and what does it use for?

lenvatinib medicine known as a generic lenvatinib or lenvima™ or e7080 these are its common names. this is a generic drug used orally for cancer patients made by patheon labs in canada for eisai (japan). lenvima available under two different strengths that are lenvatinib 4mg & 10mg which is used to treat kidney or thyroid cancer. in medical terms, this medicine belongs to a class of drugs named tyrosine kinase inhibitors. to get your medicine at your doorstep whether you are in china, hong kong, usa, uk, new zealand, romania, hungary, uae, taiwan, singapore, bangladesh, thailand, yemen, oman, jordan, fiji, laos, kenya, nigeria, poland, lebanon, cambodia, latvia, belarus, russia, or any other then contact medsdots: true indian pharmacy of targeted cancer medicines including eisai lenvatinib capsules at discounted price available for small, medium and large enterprises. to know more about price, uses, side effect contact us via whatsapp or viber: +919953810074, wechat or skype: medsdots, qq: 3232648085. our executives available 24*7 and we provide you what you are looking for.


how to use e7080 (lenvatinib) capsules:

  • lenvima 4mg generic brand or lenvatinib or lenvima™is a pill used directly through mouth daily one tablet. it can be taken with food or without food.
  • always follow the doctor prescription while using this drug.
  • direct swallow this whole capsule does not dissolve or open it.
  • do not overdose it or stop taking until your doctor recommends it to.

if you miss your dose, take it when you remember but missing more than 12 hours than do not take that dose, take the other day dose on time.

side effects of lenvima capsules:

most of the people do not have side effects that are listed below, side effects depend on health conditions:

  • high blood pressure, diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss
  • joint aches, headache, vomiting, abdominal pain
  • constipation, oral pain, cough
  • swelling, rash, dry mouth



some precaution that prevents you from most of the side effects if you use them on a daily basis:

if you have any other medical condition or you already have treatment for any surgery or you are having some other drugs on a daily basis first tell everything about that to your doctor before using this drug.

  •      never overdose this drug always took the prescribed dose

  • for women who are pregnant first consult your doctor about this.
  • in the start, if you feel any kind of allergic signs after taking this drug immediately consult your doctor
  • older adults people are more sensitive to this drug side effects, always consult your doctor and never overdose this drug.
  • drink plenty of water and fluid drinks when you are having this drug on a daily basis.

monitor and test:

you can monitor and tests while using this drug

  • blood pressure
  • kidney and liver
  • urine protein level
  • thyroid hormones levels also

how lenvatinib medicine works:

lenvatinib is a targeted therapy means this drug targets the cancer cells. some side effects occur due to the deletion of some healthy cells but this drug is very affected in thyroid cancer. it completely removes those cells and other infected cells also. this drug completely blocks the cancer cells in body organs. 

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lenvima 4mg lenvatinib capsules eisai


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