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lenalidomide capsules brand in india

  • Manufacturer NATCO
  • Product Code: Lenalidomide Capsule

Brand Name: Revlimid
Composition/Active Ingredient: Lenalidomide
Strength: 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, & 25mg
Packing: Pack of 30 Capsules each
Generics: Available
Lenalid by Natco, Lenmid by Cipla
Lenome by Intas, Lenangio by Dr. Reddy's etc

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lenalidomide capsule- a magical treatment for bone marrow cancer

lenalid is a medicine that is produced by the leading pharmacy of india known as natco pharma. the active ingredient present in the medicine is lenalidomide which is a cancer treatment salt that comes under four different strengths which are 5mg, 10mg, 15mg & 25mg capsules. as this salt enters the body, it starts its search for the cells that are growing rapidly and is cancer-causing. as it finds them, it binds at the epithelium of that cell and stops the production activity of the protein that is causing its growth, hence the growth of the cell.  

the main use of this medicine is in the treatment of bone marrow cancer. the reason why people are switching to this medicine is that normal when the chemotherapy is done; then there is a requirement of transfusion of the bone marrow, which can be a painful process. but with this medicine, no bone marrow transfusion is required. all one needs to do is take medicine according to the dosage prescribed and see the results. 

consumption process of indian lenalidomide capsule

if we see the dose requirement that is cleared by the manufacturers, then a patient is only prescribed one capsule in a day. still, it is always advised to every patient that they should show their detailed reports to the doctor who is in charge of their treatment. after they access your condition properly, they will tell you how many capsules you need to consume daily. 

the medicine they prescribe should be taken at proper timing as said; otherwise, there are chances of an overdose of the medicine, which can be very dangerous. the salt lenalidomide is assembled in a capsule form which should be directly swollen. one should not think of chewing the capsule or even breaking it if they want to see efficient results of the medicine. 

there is one more special fact related to medicine. there is a cycle of taking the medicine which people need to follow when they are treated with this medicine. under this cycle, the patient has to consume the medicine for three weeks in a month in a line, and after that, for one week, the medicine requires a break. the reason behind this brake is to stop the salt accumulation in the body. after one week, the next cycle of the medicine should be followed by the person. 

what to do in cases of missed and overdose?

if a person misses the dose of medicine due to any reason, then they should check the time frame left for the consumption of the next medicine if the time is more than they should take medicine and if in case the time period is less than they should jump to the next medicine directly. 

on the other hand, in the case of overdose, one should see that how their body reacts. if the reactive is normal, then there is nothing to worry about, but in some severe cases, the body acts very hyper-sensitively. in this case, always call the poison control center and ask for help. 

precautions needed to be taken while taking lenalidomide indian brand:-

some precautions that should be taken when taking the medicines are shown below. 

always tell your doctor which is the material you are allergic to. it will help the doctor to check whether you are allergic to the salt or normal. 

the in-detail medical history of the patient should be discussed with the doctor. those people who are suffering from either kidney disease or liver disease should not consume this medicine. 

alcohol should be banned in the case of this medicine consumption. it can increase the level of dizziness a person feels. the same applies to cigarette smoking and marijuana consumption. 

one should never donate blood to anyone in this situation. 

pregnant ladies or those who are breastfeeding should not even think of taking this medicine as they can cause transfusion of salt to the baby and cause harm to them. 

side effects of lenalid capsules:-

the side effects that can happen with this medicine consumption are:-

numbness with a headache may occur in the body of the patient. moreover, sometimes it is accompanied by blurry vision, due to which a person is advised not to do any important work after taking this medicine. 

sometimes chest pain is also felt, which can also reach upto shoulders and jaw.

blood count can decrease in many cases. 

there are some signs that show tumor breakdown in the body, which can get worse with this medicine consumption. 

from where to find lenalidomide capsules ?

to find lenalidomide, a person should always choose the option of medsdots true indian pharmacy. they are genuine exporter and have years of experience in selling the medicine and export it to countries that have not banned this salt like usa, china, hong kong, russia, australia, malaysia, singapore, ukraine, hungary, philippines, peru, ecuador, new zealand, cambodia, latvia, belarus, vietnam, taiwan, zimbabwe, lebanon, libya, turkey, venezuela, jordan, oman, singapore, egypt, fiji, laos, poland, austria, cameroon, and so many other nations. medsdots also have come up with several alternatives of natco lenalidomide capsules like lenangio capsules by dr. reddy's, lenmid capsules by cipla, lenzest capsules by sun pharma, kabilen by fresenius kabi, lenome capsules by intas and all these brand are available in different strength like lenalidomide 5mg, 10mg, 15mg & 25mg capsules under different packaging sizes. so you must would like to know more about the other brands of the best seller lenalidomide brand called lenalid capsules then contact medsdots right away via wechat: medsdots, whatsapp/viber/telegram: +919953810074, mail: or

lenalidomide capsules brand in india


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