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Natco Pharma Limited, one of the best and known Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company located in Hyderabad since 1981 with their initial investment of approx. INR 3.3 Million and incorporated single unit with 20 employees that time and now this company has 7 different manufacturing provision all across the India with devoted modern research laboratories and potentiality of New drugs production. Also, Natco India has more than 5000 employees working in the company and continuously growing in the industry of Pharmaceutical Companies in India.

Natco is known well for their innovative ideas in R&D of Pharmaceuticals. We at MedsDots: True Indian Pharmacy keeps every kind of Natco Medicines so that people can get affordable medicines at their doorsteps. MedsDots.Net is Natco authorized dealer and supplier of Natco Onco division, Hepatitis medicines, HIV AIDS Drugs basically every kind of antiretroviral drug been made by Natco Pharma Ltd. is available with us and few hot sellers like Hepcinat, Natdac, Hepcinat LP, Velpanat, and for cancer like Geftinat 250mg, Erlonat 150mg, Sorafenat 200mg, Veenat 100mg & 400mg, and several other drugs are there & we are here to fulfill the mission"Making specialty medicines accessible to all"

Dasanat Dasatinib Tablets

What is Dasanat Dasatinib Tablet:This medication is prescribed for blood cancer(Chronic Myeloid Leukemia). It is a protein-tyrosinekinase inhibitor. I..

Erlotinib 100mg Erlonat Tablets Natco

What is Erlonat  (Indian Erlotinib) and what are the uses of Erlotinib 100mg?Erlonat  100mg Tablets is the trade name for the generic drug n..

Fulvenat 250mg Fulvestrant Injection

What is Fulvenat 250mg Injection and what does it use for?Fulvenat is an injection composition of Fulvestrant which is an anti-estrogen medication and..

Hepcinat LP Tablets Natco

Indian Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir a Miracle Drug For Hepatitis C .The first question arises, what is Hepcinat LP? Here is the answer, Hepci..

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