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Osimertinib 80mg Azd9291 tagrisso tablets brands

  • Manufacturer ASTRAZENECA
  • Product Code: Osimertinib 80mg Tablets

Active Ingredient: Osimertinib (AZD 9291)
International Brand Name: Tagrisso 80mg by Astra Zeneca
Strengths: 40mg &
Packaging: Pack of 30 Tablets

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osimeritinib tablets- an effective medicine for prevention of lung cancer

osimeritinib tablet is most commonly marketed as original tagrisso 80mg tablets, is ineffective medicine for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer which is abbreviated as nsclc.  the medication is mostly prescribed by doctors for the prevention of lung cancer in those patients who have just recovered from their tumor with the help of surgery.

there is an epidermal growth receptor in our body that leads to the continuous growth of the epidermal cells. but as this medicine enters the body, the salt present in it acts as an inhibitor of that growth factor. this stops the excessive growth of the epidermal cells, and there is no further formation of tumors. if you are looking to start the medication osimeritinib or azd9291, you should look forward to the details mentioned below.

about the medicine osimertinib 80mg tablets

the original tagrisso has around 80 mg of active salts of osimertinib and other ingredients that are inactive, named mannitol, low-substituted hydroxpropyl, etc.

uses of generic tagrisso tablets

some of the uses that are linked with the azd9291 are discussed below in detail.

when a person is treated with lung cancer, then there are high chances that the person is struck back by same cancer. that is why this medicine is taken. it stops the growth of cells in the lung area, which prevents from formation of any tumor further.

the generic tagrisso brands are also used in the case of lung cancer to stop the growth of cancer in other parts of the body.  there are many cases when, during the treatment of lung cancer or in the initial stages of cancer causing cells to start moving to other body parts, and stopping this movement, this medicine is taken.

in case cancer has been spread to other parts also, then also one can use the azd9291.

dosage of the medicine

setting up a dose for the patient who is looking forward to getting treated with the original tagrisso is a bit complex task. if the disease a person is suffering from is resectable, they have to take medicine for upto 3 years. in three years, it is considered that the chance of the occurrence of the disease again is significantly less. on the other hand, if the issue is metastatic, then the dose is taken according to the reports in which the progression of the disease must have stopped completely.

missed dose

in case a person misses the dose of azd9291, they should not take tension and stop trying to make up for that particular dose. instead, a person should focus on taking the next dose on time.

how to take medicine?

the medicine consumption process is easy. it does not matter that you are taking it with food or without. you only have to take a glass of water and swallow the medicine. but in case some people face an issue in swallowing the pill, they should follow the below-mentioned steps.

one should dispense the medicine in 60 ml of water, which should be non-carbonated. after that stirring should be done till the medicine is not broke down into small pieces, and after that, drink that medicine water immediately.

one should keep in mind that they should not break the medicine or heat it before taking it.

one can also use an ng tube for swallowing the medicine that is dissolved into water.

side effects of azd9291

there is an inevitable side effect that is linked with the osimeritinib or alternative of osimeritinib, which one should know before consuming it.

  • more than 10 percent of people suffer from diarrhea when consuming this medicine.
  • stomatitis, rashes, and dry skin are some common skin issue side effects a person faces.
  • some people have also suffered the issue of low platelet counts.
  • one side effect that is considered to be very rare is an interstitial lung disease.

warnings for using original tagrisso
  • if a person is suffering from pulmonary disease, then the medicine should be permanently discontinued.
  • in case a person is confirmed with any cardiac issues, then also this medicine should be withheld.
  • the medicine should not be consumed in cutaneous disease cases.

the final sayings

to get the original tagrisso, one should always keep in mind that they must consult with a doctor and discuss their doses, and all the precautions should be appropriately noted. if this medicine is not available, then a person can also shift to the alternative of osimeritinib. some of the famous ones are ceritinib, brigatinib, crizotinib, etc.

where to find affordable osimertinib 80mg tablets?

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Osimertinib 80mg Azd9291 tagrisso tablets brands


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