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tenofovir alafenamide 25mg brands in india

Brand Name: Vemlidy 25mg
Composition & Strength: Tenofovir Alafenamide 25mg
Manufactured by: Gilead Sciences
Form: Tablets
Packaging Size: Pack of 30 Tablets
Indian Alternatives of Vemlidy: Hepbest by Mylan, Tafnat by Natco,
Tenvir AF by Cipla, TenoHep AF by Zydus, Tafero by Hetero etc.

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in-detail analysis of indian vemlidy-tenofovir alafenamide tablets

you must have heard of the hepatitis b disease. it is a viral infection in which the virus directly attacks the liver and indirectly weakens the person's immune system. due to this, the body starts getting weak and catches various types of issues quickly. earlier, the medicine was not available for the problem, and dialysis was the only issue to increase the person's life.
now medicine is also available, and the name is vemlidy-tenofovir alafenamide. if you think of getting treated with this medicine, you should know the details mentioned below.

about generic tenofovir alafenamide tablets:-

the brand name, though, which the hepatitis b medicine is sold in the market, is vemlidy. the salt available in the medicine is tenofovir alafenamide. the amount of salt that is available in the medicine is 25 mg and manufactured by fredun pharma. the working of this medicine is straightforward. the salt in the medicine starts finding the virus cells.
as it finds the cells, it starts attaching to them and stops the growth of cells further. due to this, the immune system will not get more infected, and it can recover, but there is a misconception in people's minds. they think that the medicine is a complete cure, but it only stops them from further contamination. also, while having sex, you need to take precautions no matter you are taking medicines or not.

tenofovir alafenamide brands available in india under different tradenames are mentioned below:-

  • hepbest 25mg tablets made by mylan pharmaceuticals pvt. ltd is the most selling brand all over the world after vemlidy.
  • tafnat tablets made by natco pharma limited, india's one of the topmost pharmaceutical company.
  • tafero tablets manufactured by hetero labs ltd located in india.
  • durataf made by dr. reddy's laboratories ltd.
  • tenohep af tablets developed by zydus heptiza.
  • tenvir af tablets made by cipla limited.
  • emtaf b tablets made by emcure pharmaceuticals ltd.
  • tenfoplus tablets produced by abbott laboratories ltd.

& several other brands are available under the composition tenofovir alafenamide 25mg tablets in india 

user guide for vemlidy tablets:-

the medicine vemlidy is a high power medicine that is why people need to take care of some facts when they take medicine. some of them are mentioned below.

• the medicine is taken with any stimulant to decrease the effect of the medicine on the body. due to this, the medicine becomes bearable.
• you should always take medicine through moth with a glass full of water without breaking it apart.
• the medicine must be taken after consuming food. without food, it can show some bad effects on the body.
• the dose should always be taken at the time that doctor prescribes it to you. it would be better if you set the alarm for the time of medicine.
• if you vomit by chance with an hour of medicine consumption, then retake vemlidy.

the dose prescribed for indian tenofovir alafenamide tablets:-

the manufacturer does not decide the dose that one has to take. it is at the hand of the doctor that what dose they decide for you. that is why it is advisable that when you visit the doctor, then you should take the latest reports of hiv. they will assess the situation that you are going through, and with the help of that, the medicine dose will be decided.
the doctor only asks you to take all the doses so that the medicine doesn't harm your body.

missed dose

the dose of medicine is very important, and a single missed dose can let the viruses open to attack back. that is why you should ask out your doctor as soon as possible you find that you have missed the dose. also, you must keep the medicine with you so that no matter where you are, the medicine should be consumed at a time.


the overdose of the medicine is harmful to your body. that is why without wasting any time you should contact your doctor and the poison control centre. you must seek help as soon as possible to get over the symptoms of overdose of the medicine.
side effects of the medicine

the side effects of generic vemlidy can be more than normal. they are discussed below.
• your body may not feel like working and a feeling of tired for the whole day.
• headache can be felt with a bit of nauseous feeling. sometimes the feeling may increase, and you may get a vomit.
• you may feel thirst; that is why drinking a whole lot of water is very important.
• you may notice that your eyes start turning yellow, and the color of your pee turns darker than normal.

precautions of medicine

some of the important precautions are discussed below in detail.

• always discuss the issues with your doctor that you have medically faced.
• you give up on alcohol and also consume marijuana in an edible form with this medicine.
• if you are pregnant or have a baby to feed, then the medicine consumption should be done properly. if you can handle the situation without medicine, then you should not consume the medicine.

where to find generic alternative of tenofovir alafenamide from?
the medicine should be bought from medsdots the true indian pharmacy as it is sensitive medicine and you need assurity of quality and we at medsdots specialized in assuring the finest quality with the guaranteed delivery option to several countries like china, hong kong, usa, malaysia, philippines, venezuela, russia, australia, belarus, singapore, vietnam, latvia, hungary, zimbabwe, south africa, cambodia, thailand, denmark, caribbean countries, bolivia, peru, hungary, ukraine, switzerland, fiji, germany, lebanon, austria, libya, new zealand, laos, japan, egypt, oman, uae, uk, saudi arabia, bangladesh, sri lanka etc. the website assures you a complete medicine quality of all antiretro viral drugs including tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, emtricitabine, efavirenz, tenofovir alafenamide, entecavir, lamivudine, dolutegravir with the lowest and most reasonable prices among all other exporters of generic tenofovir alafenamide brands mentioned above. know more about hepbest or its alternatives from medsdots via contacting through wechat: medsdots, email: or, whatsapp/ viber/ signal: +91-9953810074

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tenofovir alafenamide 25mg brands in india


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