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vandetanib brands in india

  • Manufacturer ASTRAZENECA
  • Product Code: Vandetanib brands

International Brand Name: Caprelsa 100mg & 300mg
Active Ingredients: Vandetanib 100mg & 300mg
Manufactured by: AstraZeneca
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 30 Tablets

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vandetanib- one of the best medicine for thyroid cancer 

thyroid cancer is one of the major issues, the number of which is growing day by day. more and more patients are now prone to the issues of thyroid cancer. that is why it has become a concern of supreme importance that one should develop the medicine that can help the person to cure thyroid cancer. one such medicine is vandetanib which has shown very good results in the curing of thyroid cancer. 

the amount of salt present in the medicine is 100mg & 300 mg and is sold under the brand name caprelsa tablets. there are a few inactive ingredients in the medicine named calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, povidone, and much more. 

how does generic vandetanib work?

the working of medicine is pretty simple. the medicine is included in the class of protein kinase inhibitors. when the medicine enters the body, then it is going to reach out to the thyroid cells. the cancer-causing cells are present in the thyroid region with which the salt of the medicine binds. it works on the kinase protein, which is the main reason behind the growth of cancer-causing cells. 

once the growth is stopped, you will notice that the cells will die slowly and slow and will be eliminated with the help of the body's immune system. this way, within the least time possible, the medicine is giving cure for cancer which a person from painful chemotherapies and surgeries. 

dosage of vandetanib tablets:- 

the physician decides the dosage of the vandetanib. there is no role of the manufacturer in the dosing of the medicine. that is why it would be best if you remembered to take your latest reports with yourself when you are visiting the physician to get the dose of the medicine. after checking the report, they will suggest you the dose of medicine. now when taking medicine then there are a few things that you need to take care of:-

first of all, keep in mind that you have to take medicine at the time suggested by the physician. the best method for this would be to always carry the medicine with yourself and set up an alarm for the medicine. 
the medicine should best be taken in the form in which you find it. if you change the form of the medicine, then its functioning may decrease. 
when you are thinking of consuming medicine, then remember the gap between medicine and food. either take food two hours before the medicine or one hour after the medicine consumption. 

missed dose 
the missed dose of the medicine can cause issues in the treatment cycle. that is why try never to miss your dose. still, you miss the medicine dose; then, you must take medicine according to the time left for the next dose. 

the overdose of the medicine is never appreciated. it may cause some major issues in the body of the person consuming the medicine. that is why you should always contact the poison control center if you have consumed an overdose of the medicine. 

warning if you are taking caprelsa:-

the warning signs that one should always keep in mind when consuming the medicine are discussed below. 

don't forget that you have to discuss your medical history and current medication with your physician. if you dont do so, then you may not be safe when consuming the medicine. 
a person should never take the material like alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes when consuming the medicine. 
the medicine is not advisable for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. the reason behind this is the risk to the baby as salt can travel through the membrane. 

side effects of having vandetanib 100mg & 300mg tablets:-

the side effects of the medicine are in the initial stages when you have just started the consumption of medicine. always remember that with time these side effects will decrease. 

the biggest change that a person is going to feel is the change in appetite. 
the person's throat may remain dry without any reason due to a lack of water in the body. 
a person may face issues in breathing which can be a sign of heart failure also. 
the blood pressure of the person may rise suddenly. 
one will start noticing unusual tiredness without doing any activity. 
the feet of a person start swelling due to the medicine. 
many medicine consumers also report headaches and nausea. 

where to find vandetanib tablets from?
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vandetanib brands in india


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