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zoledronic acid injection brands in india

  • Manufacturer CIPLA
  • Product Code: Zoledronic Injection

Generic Name: Zoledronic Acid 4mg
Strengths available: 2mg, 4mg & 5mg
Form: Injection
Packing: Pack of 1 Vial
Alternatives available: Zoldonat, Zoldria, Zoltero, Zoldron etc

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zoledronic acid- in detail analysis of the hypercalcemia issues 

when a person is suffering from the major issues of cancer, then it comes along with the bundled bone problems also. yes, you have heard that right; the issues of hypercalcemia commonly rises in the body of the person who is suffering from multiple myeloma. due to this issue, the chances of breaking bones increase manifolds. 

that is why one needs to search for the medicine which is helpful in this issue and works well with cancer chemotherapy medicine. the name of one such medicine is zoledronic acid. if you are also looking for treatment through this medicine, then you must go through the details mentioned below. 

about zoledronic acid

zoledronic acid is a biphosphonates class action of the drug, which is sold under the brand name Zoldonat by Natco or Zoldria by Cipla. the medicine is an intravenous injection in which the amounts of salt zoledronic acid present in 2mg/vial,  4 mg/ vial & 5mg/ vial.  the task of the medicine is to treat the increasing amount of blood calcium level. this task is done by the injection by decreasing the calcium that is released by the bones into the blood. 

this means that the bones will not break down easily due to cancer, and the chances of fractures and minor cracks decrease. 

how to use zoledronic acid?

to use the zoledronic acid, you are going to require a physician who is an expert in giving the intravenous injection. the timing of the injection will be decided by the doctor according to the situation you are facing, but most of the time, it is around 15-20 minutes before having your food. it is suggested to you that you should not make the mistake of using the drug on your own as the chances of mistakes increase. 

brands & strengths available of zoledronic acid in india:-

  • blaztere 4mg injection made and marketed by dr. reddy's laboratories.
  • leronzol 4mg injection produced and marketed by alkem laboratories ltd.
  • zoldonat 4mg injection & natzold 4mg injection made and marketed by natco laboratories ltd, india's most know pharma organization and top-selling brands.
  • cipla made two different brands under trade names zoldria 4mg injection and rokfos 4mg injection.
  • zobone 4mg injection manufactured by sun pharma in india.
  • zolasta 4mg injection introduced and marketed by intas biopharmaceuticals
  • zolon 4mg injection manufactured and marketed by celon laboratories.
  • zorrent 4mg injection launched and marketed by torrent pharmaceuticals.
  • cytozol 4mg injection manufactured and marketed by vhb.
  • zifonate 4mg injection are launched and marketed by miracalus.
  • zoldro 4mg inj manufactured and marketed by united biotech.
  • zoledron 4 mg injection introduced and marketed by shantha biotech.
  • zolenic 4mg inj developed and marketed by cytogen india.
  • zolic 4mg injection manufactured and marketed by oncare pharmaceuticals.

dosage of zoledronic acid 

the dose of the medicine is totally the decision of the physician. all you need to do is get your repots done in which the blood calcium level of yours, your bone density, and your average calcium release is tested. seeing all of these reports and the condition of your kidney, the physician is going to suggest you with the dose. 

the thing that you need to remember about the dose is that the timing should remain consistent to save the body from salt accumulation issues. also, it would help if you were drinking plenty of water to ensure the safety of the kidney as the medicine somehow affects the kidneys also. 

missed dose 

if you miss the dose of the medicine by any chance, then you need to consult your doctor about how to make up for the missed medicine as it can affect your treatment. they will establish that you should make up for the dose or not. 


the overdose of zoledronic acid can show some huge effects as the level of calcium can even drop to less than required. that is why you should contact the poison control center to seek some help in this situation. 


there are a few sets of precautionary measures that one needs to take care of when they are consuming zoledronic acid. they are discussed below. 

the timing of the injection should be decided by the physician beforehand, and you need to follow that always. 

do not forget to discuss all your past medical history and current medication with the physician. this helps them to ensure the safety of the person consuming the medicine.

patients with kidney-related issues should discuss the medicine especially. 

one should not consume the substances like alcohol and cigarette. this will affect the working of the injection salt. 

pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should also discuss with the physician the safety of the medicine to their body. the reason behind this is salt can move through membranes to the child's body also. 

side effects of taking zoledronic acid 4mg injection:-

when you start the medication through zoledronic acid, then your body will be new to it and possibly shows some side effects.  some of the main side effects are:-

a person can notice the flu symptoms. they are fever and chills. 

one will continuously notice dizziness and headache. 

you may also notice muscle pains and swelling in your limbs also. 

the heartbeat of a person may also increase abruptly. 

there are chances of suffering from dizziness which can cause trouble in breathing sometimes. 

some people may show some allergic reactions due to the injection, like rashes on their body and itching. 

from where to find zoledronic acid

the medicine is prescription-based, which you should always find from the website named medsdots true indian pharmacy. they are one of the best pharmacies that deals in high-quality medicine exporting, wholesaling, and selling. 

zoledronic acid injection brands in india


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